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The Stone Bridge is falling down

It is a game in which all the children sing the following song:

“The stone bridge is falling down,
The water came and took it away.
We will build another one down the river,
A more lasting and beautiful one.”

There are two children who choose a name which usually is the name of a precious stone or valuable things and then they lift their hands and touch them standing face to face. The other children hold hands to one another and pass under the “bridge” made by the bodies and the hands of the two children. Everybody is singing and when the song is ready one of the children is “caught” in the very moment he/she passes under the bridge.

The three children go a little further and talk. The caught child has to choose between the two names and he will then follow the one he has chosen and stay behind him, holding him with his both arms. They will go back and the children will continue the game. After the last child has been “caught”, they hold one another and the two children who were the bridge hold hands and the others behind them, according to the name they have chosen, start to pull in opposite directions, until the stronger party wins. The game is ready and it may be begin again.

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