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Crossword on Romanian New Year’s Traditions

1. The animal which is used as a model in the tradition called ” The Goat Procession”, in Romanian.

2. The purpose of wearing animal masks in this ritual is to scare away bad …

3. Besides wearing masks, the people during the Goat Procession also wear …

4. In Moldavia, during the ”Mersul cu Ursul” people are dressed up as …

5. The title of the poem young men are reciting to every family before New Years Eve.

6. The aim of the Bear Procession is to bring … to the lands.

7. The Romanian name of the special item children are carrying while saying their wishes.

8. Once this item was a bouquet of little branches, nowadays it is represented with a decorated …

9. They are having this tradition on the … of January.

10. Children are chanting a special song and wishing health to the … members of the family.

SOLUTION hint: A general wish we all want for the new year.

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