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Tate Modern : Out of Place : Ion Grigorescu

In the 1970s, Ion Grigorescu began recording everyday scenes in his home city of Bucharest with an 8 mm camera. In his films and photographs he focuses on the unregimented activities taking place amid the rapidly changing urban landscape. His images of children playing, as well as of haphazardly discarded objects, contrast with the uniformity of the surrounding architecture from Romania’s Communist past.

Puteţi să ne ajutaţi să descoperim locuri frumoase pentru parinţi şi copii in Bucuresti? Mulţumim frumos!

A R H I T E C T U R A :

A T E L I E R E & E V E N I M E N T E   C U L T U R A L E :

F O T O :

M U Z E E :

T R A S E E   C U L T U R A L E :


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