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Una Dzua comes from a collection of Romanian Macedonian folk songs published by the Lascu family. It tells the story of a traveler who after riding his horse for days stops to sleep in the moonlight next to a fountain. The next day he wakes up to see local village girls collecting wild flowers for use in making love amulets…

“Colo Sus la Rasaritu” is based on a traditional Romanian Colinde (Winter Solstice Song). Colinde are often regarded as the oldest repertoire of music in Romania, some of which dates back to pre-Christian rituals. This particular song is sung to the “daughter of God” who is asleep in the trees. She must be woken so that Spring will return, and flowers will bloom. When she is asleep, the earth is also asleep.

It is similar to Persephone stories.

Performed by Christine Ghezzo, Dinu Ghezzo, Wendy Luck and Alan Mollnar. Composition (based on a traditional folk song) by Dinu Ghezzo.


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